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April 21, 2023

Member Profile – COG Branding

Quick summary

SSIN are thrilled to welcome COG Branding to our community. A leading Sydney brand marketing agency, COG Branding connect brand to business.

We’re thrilled to welcome COG Branding to the SSIN Community!

COG Branding is the brand marketing agency for Australia’s small business community. They combine the strength of emotion in branding and the power of technology, creating a sustainable future for your business.

Full Service Marketing Solutions For Small Business and Brands

COG Branding are a Sydney Branding Agency with a structure that ensures we are providing brand design, marketing, technology and business development solutions that are underpinned by true value. Their dynamic approach has been refined over the years by the demands of Australia’s small business community.

COG Branding Brand and Marketing Services

At the centre of COG Branding decision making is the question of “will our solutions build brand equity for our clients’ brand, and how can we develop a synergy between the brand and business?”

This approach is important as it’s proven to benefit the business by giving it a powerful partner that functions as an autonomous sales engine, assisting in business development, efficiency and building relationships with customers.

Brand and marketing is a broad area and related activities often complex. Thankfully COG Branding operates as a full service Sydney branding agency providing solutions to these. All of COG Branding’s new clients’ projects begin with briefing and discovery that brings business owners and those with a stake in the brand together to move through the processes as a unified and cohesive team.

COG Branding offer both packaged products and customised services – because not all of their clients’ brands and businesses are the same. If you’re not sure what brand and marketing is right for your SMB business, or are not sure how some of the more detailed functions of brand building would commence, simply fill in the form to book in time to speak with a COG Branding consultant.


Digital Marketing and Website Development

COG Branding are experts at managing the complex suite of digital marketing products and softwares. They have the skills and experience to integrate intelligent business solutions that link your customers to your branded digital touchpoints and assets.

Brand Design and Creative Marketing Solutions

Their approach to brand design and marketing is to combine the strength of emotion in branding and the creativity of their team. COG Branding’s brand design products are intelligently designed specifically for Australian brands, they believe that all creative pursuits should work to develop a sustainable future for the business itself.

Business Strategy and Brand Strategy Solutions

Strategy is at the core of most COG Branding’s driving force. Their purpose is thinking tactically and ensuring this intelligence is implemented into projects via planning, research, truthful insights and crystal clear client guidance.

Print Marketing and Printing Services

COG Branding approach the execution of print marketing and fulfilment with a broader consideration to the brand and the business itself. They take their clients print marketing collateral into the future, and make sure they connect with other key branding elements and marketing programs.

Promotional Marketing and Promo Products

We approach the development of promotional marketing strategies and the design of custom promo products with a high level view to understand all the other elements of the brand, and how the business is currently communicating directly with its customers. We also consider how the promotional marketing projects will function with other key business elements and what the through-the-line requirements are.

Technology Solutions

COG Branding is a Sydney technology solutions agency with an approach that transfers knowledge to business and brand stakeholders with the goal of increasing client side intelligence. They know this assists the success of the broader businesses digital transformation process. Part of the COG Branding small business technology service suite is to provide aftercare that maintains the investment and achieves ongoing performance.

Business Intelligence

The COG Branding focus for offering BI to our clients is to transfer their knowledge of Business Intelligence technologies and softwares to business stakeholders with the goal of increasing client side data intelligence. This covers not only how to correctly look at data, but how to drive the software that supplies the data dashboards and insights.

Managed IT Services For Small Business and Brands

COG Branding’s managed IT services provide customized strategies for small business and brands, often combined with digital marketing and website based products and technologies. They offer both packaged IT products and customised software services – because not all of their clients’ businesses are the same. COG Branding is a specialist small business digital agency, delivering innovative and astute advice on what online softwares and assets will be most suitable for your business, and how it will support the business and people in it.

Business Digital Asset Management

COG Branding offers business digital asset management, initially with an adherence to industry best practices. Their approach creates a solid foundation for management that supports a true value exchange for their clients in the digital asset management they offer. COG Branding’s aim is to promote responsible decision-making that safeguards the integrity of digital infrastructures, manages risk, and ideally ensures a business operates efficiently, optimally and on a day to day basis performs error free.

Hosting Partners

COG Branding’s management of web hosting services is logical and made by a common sense approach. They know that advanced technology and software solutions require smart humans to guide and manage the implementation into the business itself, though they also ensure that the decisions they make on behalf of their clients needs to be transparent and easily understood by their customers.

Software Partners

While software is completely virtual they remain human first, which simply means COG Branding put people at the centre of their software support service. They take responsibility to discover the best solutions, and provide aftercare and ongoing management via service level agreements.


LiveTeam. The online support service for small business.

LiveTeam takes the responsibility to support COG Branding’s clients with at-call online support via the LiveTeam online service portal. LiveTeam is also available for businesses on a subscription model that can be tailored for your own business and client/customer requirements.


Business Development

COG Branding is a Sydney business development agency, developing their clients businesses is the core of our driving force. Their purpose is to create more time for business owners, and to nurture opportunities through to success. They understand there is a clear difference between working on the business and in the business.

Project Management

COG Branding is a Sydney Brand Marketing Company that is focused on providing Project Management solutions for businesses so they can streamline complex working environments and enable remote business teams to remain effective while executing their daily tasks. Managing projects online and remotely for small businesses require robust softwares that is relatively easy to onboard and use, allowing multiple groups of people to communicate and manage a variety of processes and tasks simultaneously.

Workflow Management

COG Branding is a Sydney Business Development Agency focused on providing workflow solutions for businesses so they can streamline complex working environments and enable remote business teams to remain effective while executing their daily tasks. Workflow management for small business requires robust software that is relatively easy to onboard and use, allowing multiple groups of people to communicate and manage a variety of processes and tasks simultaneously.


COG Branding is the Sydney Digital Agency focused on automating businesses so they can reside in a more competitive position and enjoy a confident future. Automation for a small business is about streamlining business operations using technology, software and strategies to become more efficient and effective, thus allowing people to do their jobs better.


Great eCommerce technology and financial accounting softwares require smart humans to guide and manage how they are built into a business. COG Branding is a Sydney Digital Marketing Agency delivering eCommerce solutions that include developing customised strategies that use a variety of applications to connect customers and brands together so they can securely and safely connect online.

Digital Transformation

COG Branding Sydney Digital Agency leads as a technology and small business consultancy and operates as a brand and marketing agency. They’re focused on transforming older analog businesses that are yet to embrace technology and the capabilities digital solutions can deliver, and guiding our clients towards more competitive business positions through digital transformation.

G12, COG Branding’s marketing growth equation for Australian small business

COG Branding’s single minded focus is to ensure the Australian small business community builds equity in their brands, and to ensure that a strategy that ensures growth and survival is sustainable.

We know your business and brand can thrive with COG Branding’s G12 Marketing Growth Equation too.

COG Branding’s Work

Taren Point Bowling Club

Located in the heart of the Sutherland Shire, Sydney NSW. Taren Point Bowling Club is a locals favourite, a fantastic entertainment venue and Bowls NSW Club of the Year.

The club boasts beautifully manicured bowling greens and fantastic facilities with a relaxed, friendly and intimate atmosphere. You can enjoy the great food and refreshments from the Bistro and Bar while relaxing in our fantastic indoor and outdoor spaces and newly created areas.


The Brief

Taren Point Bowling Club had experienced volatility during the pandemic and had not pivoted their branding during this time. Emerging from the pandemic restrictions and operating environment the club needed to address their brand, ensuring that their messaging to customers was clear, bringing a refreshed form of communication whilst maintaining business as usual.

Taren Point Bowling Club needed to rebrand and engage a Communications Strategy to re-establish the brand position. COG Branding inherited a legacy of very little brand intelligence and some analogue and basic brand management systems and processes. COG Branding’s focus was to understand the business case, the club’s audience and patrons, the way they currently communicated and the general view that the public had of the business.

COG Branding’s job was to ensure the Taren Point Bowling Club rebrand allowed them to be set up for as little disruption to their BAU as possible. A key part of the brief would be to support the General Manager in their objectives and vision to allow the business to begin performing post-Pandemic.

Taren Point Bowling Club is a typical Clubs NSW industry business which follows standard rules and regulations, thus COG Branding’s design and brand assets needed to conform to this environment.


The Australian Olympic Committee is a non-government, not-for-profit organisation, committed to the development of youth and sport. It is our responsibility to select, send and fund Australian Teams to the Olympic Games.

The Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) takes on a leading role, in partnership with other sporting bodies, to ensure that sport can play a leading role in shaping Australia’s health and wellbeing as well as contributing to the country’s economic development.


The Brief

The AOC is committed to using sport as a platform to power positive social change within Australian communities, working with the Federal Government on new investment models to help deliver its objectives under the National Sports Plan.

COG Digital was approached to develop the eCommerce website for the 2020 Olympics Live Presented by Westpac project

COG Branding provided a supportive development function to the eCommerce component of the Olympics Live program, and enabled Olympic games registered partners and the public to successfully take part of the program by purchasing a variety of physical games merchandise and delivered to their door. With orders circumvented via the merchandise production company and the logistics supplier of the program.

“COG Branding supported not only our organisation but the broader Olympics LIVE program presented by Westpac stakeholders. With the debacle that was a Pandemic Olympics the program and campaign was considered a success” – Ryan Bridges – Sold Out Events Management

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