By Southern Sydney Innovation Network

March 13, 2023

Member Profile – Activ8

Quick summary

SSIN are thrilled to welcome Activ8 to our member community, a multidisciplinary health club composed of allied health professionals.

We are thrilled to welcome Activ8 to the SSIN Community!

Activ8 is a multidisciplinary health club composed of allied health professionals all in one location to educate and empower you to improve your quality of life!

Activ8 has developed into a one-stop allied health club that comprises world-class teams of allied health professionals and administrative team members with a wide span of knowledge, education, and expertise within their fields. All team members are passionate about what they do and share the Activ8 vision, values and purpose as displayed below.


Activ8’s Vision

“Activ8’s vision is to set the standards and provide fully accessible modern and industry-leading multidisciplinary health clubs that Educate, Empower and help Improves our client’s quality of life. All services will be innovative, patient-centred and evidence-based practices that are provided by a team of allied health professionals that are experts and leaders in their desired fields.

Programs and services will be available Face-to-Face, online via Telehealth services and via an App that will comprise programs targeting all specific medical conditions. These modalities will allow for an extensive reach to all isolated parts of the world. Activ8’s services will be targeting the treatment and ongoing management of chronic diseases whilst placing emphasis on educating and empowering each individual to take control of their health and wellbeing for their entire life.”

Activ8’s Mission

“We are on a mission to Educate and Empower every individual in the world to be able to take control of their health and wellbeing, to be able to feel great about themselves and Improve their quality of life.”

Activ8’s Values

  • Authentic – Genuine evidence-based allied health practices.
  • Community – Family of health professionals and customers with common beliefs concerning healthier outcomes.
  • Trustworthy – Business based on honesty and loyalty.
  • Inclusiveness – Embracing and including every individual.
  • Value – Integrated health services that exceed your expectations.
  • Education – Health professionals educate and empower you to take control of your own well-being.

Activ8’s Services

A tailored holistic treatment approach

All of Activ8’s services are based on evidence-based and Patient-centred practices. The team of allied health professionals work holistically together to get the greatest results in the most desired timeframes. The diverse team allows for the treatment and management of many complex conditions, with any falling outside of the scope of expertise they will endeavour to use their extended network of medical professionals.


Allied Health Services

Exercise Physiology

Specialists in exercise interventions for the treatment of a broad range of health issues including most medical conditions and injuries.


Physiotherapy uses physical and manual techniques to improve movement, reduce pain and stiffness, speed up the healing process and increase the quality of life.


Podiatry is the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of the feet and lower limbs. Activ8’s Podiatrist is here to help you keep moving by any means possible.


Hydrotherapy is an excellent way of obtaining movement with reduced demand on the skeletal and neuromuscular systems.


Wellbean Cafe is a healthy cafe offering a wide range of food and beverages to both our members and the external community. It provides a friendly environment for like-minded individuals to socialise and spend time with loved ones. ordering online is also available.


Nutritional education is an integral component to achieving a balanced healthy lifestyle. Activ8 has experts available to help you with all these elements.


A chiropractor diagnoses and offers treatment for back pain and disorders of the musculoskeletal system. The treatment may include manipulation, massage or ergonomic advice. Chiropractors in Australia are nationally registered and regulated healthcare professionals.

Online Programs & Coaching

Activ8’s online program is a new and exciting way to offer life-changing, transformation, fitness and nutrition coaching to clients in rural and remote areas. It can be utilised by anyone, anywhere and offers convenience, responsiveness, flexibility, and affordable programs.


Specialised Programs

Alongside private allied health services, Activ8 offers a wide range of tailored programs to provide specialised and targeted services.

National Disability Insurance Scheme

Activ8 loves helping everyone to increase their capacities to live a better life, especially those on the NDIS scheme. Activ8 is a registered NDIS provider and offers a wide range of allied health services to help you reach your NDIS goals.

Aged care

With a variety of allied health services available, Activ8 helps with support for both Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) and/or Home Care Packages.

Club Memberships

Along the Activ8 Wellbeing Progression, they educate and empower each individual to take control of their health and wellbeing where possible. This will ensure long-term habits and health improvements are maintained.

Why Choose Activ8?

  • They Care – They are not another big commercial gym. Activ8 is here to help you from the beginning until the end with no bravado or unnecessary expense.
  • Holistic Approach – Their allied health services are tailored to you, taking into account all aspects of your well-being and not just the symptoms of your current condition.
  • Rehabilitation Specialists – Activ8’s team of allied health professionals are specialists in their fields, ensuring the best patient-centered and evidence-based services available.
  • Online Programs & Coaching – They provide a range of tailored online services and programs that educate and empower people to make lifestyle modifications anywhere, anytime.
  • Health Anywhere, Anytime – Leveraging the power of the internet, they develop and implement online programs to meet a variety of clients and circumstances.
  • Multidisciplinary Allied Health – Their team of Allied Health Professionals work together as a multidisciplinary team to achieve the greatest outcomes for everyone no matter the circumstances.

Activ8’s staff is always on hand to help with your needs. Contact them today!