By Southern Sydney Innovation Network

March 14, 2023

Member Profile – The Youth Partnership

Quick summary

We welcome The Youth Partnership to our community, formed to help young people make the successful transition from school to work or further education.

We are thrilled to welcome The Youth Partnership to the SSIN Community!

A better approach to youth employment

It is the vicious cycle that many young people face when transitioning from study to the workforce. A job requires years of experience, while young people haven’t had an opportunity to gain the experience needed.

The Youth Partnership was formed to help young people make the successful transition from school to work or further education. Through their ongoing relationships with employers across Sydney, The Youth Partnership coordinates work placements for students studying Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses as part of their HSC.

The Youth Partnership’s programs help students prepare to find meaningful employment, allow employers to increase their resources and provide support for teachers.


For Students

Building the confidence and skills you need to embark on your exciting career after school is what The Youth Partnership is all about. Their aim is to prepare students for the workforce by providing them with first-hand practical experience to take the first steps in their careers.


For Parents

Helping your child find a career they love.

The Youth Partnership gives your child the opportunity to explore diverse industries, supporting their transition into further education or the workforce. Their team makes your child aware of the pathways available, as we help them find a career they are passionate about!


For Teachers

Helping expand your skills and knowledge

The Youth Partnership provides teachers with actionable strategies on how you can best support your students as they undergo their work placement. Their team also offers an array of professional development programs to help expand your skills and knowledge.


For Host Employers

Helping you give back to the community

The Youth Partnership’s programs allow businesses to trial potential employees, while gaining an extra pair of hands. Work placement allows host employers to give back to the community and is the perfect opportunity to recruit students with a passion for your industry.

What does The Youth Partnership Offer?

At the heart of their service offering is the Structured Workplace Learning (SWL) Program, funded by the State of NSW through the Department of Education under the Structured Workplace Learning Program and in conjunction with the schools administered by the Catholic Education Commission NSW and the Association of Independent Schools of NSW.

Their tailored range of professional development programs help students find meaningful employment, allow employers to increase their resources and provide support for teachers.

The Youth Partnership’s Vision 

The Youth Partnership provides opportunities for students to take the skills and knowledge learned in the classroom and apply them in the real world of work.

Their vision is to be the leading organisation fostering opportunities for young people. They focus on creating connections between young people and the workforce. They aim to equip students with the best possible tools to help them stand out from the crowd.

Today’s youth will be tomorrow’s workforce; therefore, they must possess a strong foundation of job-ready skills and practical experience to build on.



Whatever a child’s dream destination, The Youth Partnership offers a range of support programs to put them on the right path. Whether it’s a trade, hospitality, beauty, design, or university; their programs teach students interchangeable workplace skills that will be valuable for a lifetime.

Work Placement 

Work placements allow students to gain real experience in industries that match the courses they are studying. With over 20 years of experience, The Youth Partnership are experts at ensuring the right students are placed at the right workplace.

‘Are You Ready’ Information Sessions

Being prepared for their work placement will help students gain the most from their experience! The Youth Partnership’s free work readiness presentations are delivered by their team face to face or virtually, and are structured to help students feel confident and excited to begin their placement.

Mock Interviews

The ‘Interview assurance’ training program puts students through a simulated mock interview conducted by industry professionals. The Youth Partnership guides students through the job interview process so they have an idea as to what to expect and how to perform. During the 15-minute interview, the students are asked questions that potential employers will ask and will receive feedback evaluation.

If you would like any information regarding any of the programs or if The Youth Partnership can be of assistance, please get in touch with them!