By Southern Sydney Innovation Network

February 21, 2023

Member Profile – The Kennedy Company

Quick summary

The Kennedy Company joins the SSIN Community! They hold expertise in business innovation for all, not just high-tech enterprises, places and workers.

We are happy to welcome The Kennedy Company to the SSIN Community!

Narelle Kennedy

Narelle Kennedy is an authority on business innovation and emerging business issues and trends.

Narelle is best known as founding CEO of Australia’s largest business-backed research think tank, the Australian Business Foundation. She is the owner and Managing Director of the consulting and research enterprise, The Kennedy Company. Narelle has proven expertise on innovation, manufacturing, entrepreneurship and regions.

Narelle Kennedy’s knowledge and skill is built on substantial experience in industry organisations, the public sector and not-for-profit organisations, together with service as a company director, commentator and policy adviser across Australia.

In particular, Narelle Kennedy has worked as a senior Director on the executive leadership team of one of Australia’s leading Business Chambers, serving periodically as its CEO. Narelle has held a number of general manager positions in NSW and Victorian government departments. She was the first woman to hold the statutory position of Superintendent of Weights and Measures in NSW.

At the University of Technology Sydney’s School of Business, Narelle has served as an adjunct professor. This partnership upholds Narelle’s long-standing commitment to close cooperation, problem-solving and information-sharing between the business community and the higher education sector.

The Kennedy Company

The Kennedy Company Pty Ltd is a boutique research and consultancy firm that provides decision-makers in business, government and the community with research, analysis and insights that help them navigate the rapidly changing global business environment.

The Kennedy Company helps its clients do just that by providing them with the extra ‘brainpower’ and new viewpoints needed to make informed decisions.

You can get in touch with The Kennedy Company whenever you need additional, deeper or more innovative, evidence-based knowledge and support, especially at pivotal decision-making stages throughout the lifespan of projects, organisations and businesses.


The Kennedy Company offers research, advisory and consulting services that are both rigorous and edgy, far-sighted and practical.

Using the proven knowledge, experience and networks of its owner and principal, Narelle Kennedy, The Kennedy Company offers a timely shortcut to the most recent intelligence, research and best practices, and the know-how to turn this into tailored practical action to meet individual client needs. The Kennedy Company can also draw on the expertise of like-minded partners with additional capabilities and specialist insights.

The Kennedy Company’s services cover, but are not limited to:

  • the realities of business innovation;
  • high-performance manufacturing industry;
  • strategies for enhanced competitiveness and productivity;
  • engagement between universities and business;
  • trade practices, consumer affairs and business regulation.

The Kennedy Company’s knowledge is based on a sizeable body of research work and the insight – some might even say “street smarts” – that comes from actual life experience, working with and learning from a diverse range of business, government and community organisations.

The origins of The Kennedy Company give it the benefit of the following achievements:

  • A distinctive collaborative, evidence-based research approach developed by the Australian Business Foundation, with equal efforts to translate research findings into practical action for public policy or business strategies.
  • An archive of approximately 40 previously published research papers by the Australian Business Foundation on topics such as innovation, future scenarios, globalisation, sustainability, industry case studies, and more.
  • Innovative creator of new business regulation models, such as the Environmental Marketing Code of Practice and the North Coast Planning Charter.
  • Conduct of pioneering projects to demonstrate how to boost the competitiveness and innovation capabilities of Australian firms, e.g. future of Australian manufacturing; venture capital for regional Australia; fair work and productivity.
  • Outstanding intellectual depth, problem-solving and analytical abilities, the capacity to synthesise concepts from several disciplines, and the capacity to conceptualise and effectively communicate suggestions and solutions to interest groups and the general public.

Among the assignments typically undertaken by The Kennedy Company are the following:

  • Expert adviser and in-house critic to corporations and industry associations on their innovation strategies.
  • Investigation, reviewing and writing innovation and industry policies for State and Federal Governments.
  • Facilitating the establishment of industry clusters in regions and local precincts.
  • Assisting local and State Governments with policies for local innovation precincts and knowledge hubs.
  • Writing policy submissions for businesses, professional associations and industry bodies.
  • Mentoring and coaching students and early career professionals on entrepreneurship and wider angles on innovation, beyond high tech.
  • Designing and conducting workshops on innovation and design thinking.
  • Researching, analysing and communicating the findings of industry case studies.
  • Advising social purpose organisations on innovation strategies, based on the lessons from business innovation management case studies.

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