By Southern Sydney Innovation Network

February 21, 2023

Member Profile – CIRCLE Recruitment & HR

Quick summary

We're happy to announce that CIRCLE Recruitment & HR has joined the SSIN community! CIRCLE offers services to find and manage talent.

We are happy to announce that CIRCLE Recruitment & HR has joined the SSIN community!

“Dedicated professionals providing client focused, quality, HR and recruitment solutions with commitment, energy and highest ethical standards.”

CIRCLE Recruitment & HR

CIRCLE Recruitment & HR is a boutique recruitment and human resource firm based in Australia that provides a range of services to help organisations find and retain top talent. As a boutique firm, they specialise in working closely with clients to understand their specific needs and deliver personalised solutions that are tailored to their unique circumstances.

The CIRCLE Recruitment & HR is founded based on trust, integrity, and excellence. They are dedicated to assisting their clients in growing and protecting their most precious asset – their employees – through efficient hiring and human resource management procedures. They are in a great position to assist their clients in finding the best candidates for their organisations and to offer ongoing support and guidance to help them succeed in the long run. They have a thorough understanding of the Australian job market and a network of top talent across a variety of industries.

CIRCLE Recruitment & HR is a reputable and reliable partner for businesses wishing to develop their workforces. They are the perfect option for any business looking for top-notch recruiting and human resource services thanks to their passion, knowledge, and dedication to customer satisfaction.



CIRCLE Recruitment & HR is a recruitment and human resources firm that offers a range of services to help organisations find and manage talent in a variety of industries and roles. Their recruitment services include executive, permanent, flexi, and temp positions across a variety of disciplines.

In addition to recruiting, CIRCLE Recruitment & HR has a dedicated HR branch that helps companies with all of their team management and development needs. Giving advice and assistance in areas like hiring, firing, legal documentation, training and development, and HR administration are all included in this. In the event of any disagreements or problems, they can also offer representation before Fair Work.

CIRCLE Recruitment & HR is able to give start-to-finish support for companies of all sizes, from start-ups to huge organisations, by providing a broad range of services. They are able to offer specialised solutions that are created to match the particular demands of each customer thanks to their extensive expertise in both recruitment and human resources. CIRCLE Recruitment & HR has the knowledge and tools to support businesses in achieving their objectives, whether they’re looking to expand their team or manage their current personnel.



CIRCLE Recruitment & HR help and specialise in several fields.
They help a variety businesses within:

  • Not for profit & disability
  • Financial Services
  • Accounting
  • Aged Care
  • Human Resources
  • Arts, Media & marketing
  • Project Management
  • Engineering
  • Health
  • Temp Desk

The Founder

The CIRCLE team is built of great background all thanks to the founder and Managing Director Kathryn MacMillan. She is a registered professional member of the Australian Human Resource Institute, an Accredited Recruitment Professional with the Recruitment Consulting Services Association (MRCSA), and she possesses a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management & Industrial Relations from Sydney University (CAHRI).

Kathryn was the winner of the prestigious Kingsley Laffer Memorial Prize for Industrial Relations from the University in 2019. She was ranked first at Sydney University in 2017 in Management Consultancy, first in 2018 in HRM and IR in Action, and first in 2019.

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