By Southern Sydney Innovation Network

February 17, 2023

Member Profile – AXS 2

Quick summary

We're happy to announce that AXS 2 has joined the SSIN community! AXS 2 excels at offering comprehensive marketing solutions for businesses.

We are happy to announce that AXS 2 has joined the SSIN community!

What is AXS 2 

AXS 2 (Access To) Sales & Marketing Consultants, situated in Sydney, excels at offering comprehensive marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes. A company that was established in 2012 with the primary objective of “Enable effective and innovative marketing capability for small businesses, without a CBD consultants fee!”. Remarketing, Google My Business, and adword campaigns for clients are all handled by AXS 2 as a registered Google Partner. 

Providing open and honest services, treating your business as their own, and continuing to adapt to new technology are among the fundamental business principles. In order to maximise marketing costs and provide demonstrable results, AXS 2 adheres to a results-oriented methodology.

AXS 2 offers a range of services, including marketing, SEO, PPC advertising, site design, graphic design, and business coaching. They offer everything, from one-off assignments to fully outsourced marketing. Additionally, effective techniques like tailoring content to a specific audience and having a completely developed and optimised website aid in the growth process and yield outstanding results when Paid Per Click advertisements are implemented (PPC). AXS 2 Consultations Solutions has a strong reputation among businesses of all sizes in Australia for providing practical marketing ideas and services that are tailored for each client to encourage business growth.


AXS-2 Marketing 

The business’s extensive selection of cutting-edge, creative, and well-made marketing products is perfect for organisations of all sizes. Businesses now have access to the resources you’d expect from a fully-fledged corporate division thanks to AXS 2. This gives them the luxury of using any kind of marketing services they desire, exactly where and when they’re needed. No matter how big or little your organisation is, this approach ensures cost effectiveness, scalability, and excellent outcomes. AXS 2 allows for endless brand identity updates, resulting in a fresh corporate image you’re sure to love. We assist you in reducing these possibilities to practical strategies that will help your company achieve its objectives based on your feedback.

AXS 2 enables Lead generation, Marketing Planning, Bid Marketing, Online Marketing, Direct Mail Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and Social Media Marketing since it is aware of the realities and challenges of marketing and its expansion. Design, content, strategy, advertising, and branding are all covered in order to reach potential customers through numerous touchpoints.


AXS 2 may help companies rank better on Google, which will make it easier for clients to find your business depending on the industry and area.
AXS 2 assists in enhancing keywords that targeted customers use to find solutions to their problems, whether a business has to rank on page one for a certain neighbourhood, city, or even Australia.

It’s important to know that AXS 2 built the Yoast plugin into every website they create. Meaning that on-site material displays the optimisation status. It serves as a roadmap for enhancing on-page functionality on a corporate or individual website.

AXS 2 – James

You can put your trust in James, who has over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing from the UK, Ireland, and most recently Australia. James began his career at Coca-Cola Enterprises, where he had positions in management, sales, and marketing. James has developed techniques and approaches throughout the course of his 14-year corporate career that connect with clients and customers, including both large international corporations and small family-owned businesses.

“We want to keep passing as few costs as possible on to our clients, so we don’t have fancy corporate spaces filled with shiny objects. We work from our homes and shared workspaces. We can get on the water quickly if we need to and the Coffee around here is amazing!”

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P. +0468 495 848