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February 14, 2023

Member Profile – Design + Industry

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We are thrilled to welcome Design + Industry, Australia’s leading product design and development consultancy, to the SSIN Community.

We are Thrilled to Announce That D+I Has Joined the SSIN Community!

D+I is Australia’s leading product design and development consultancy, with 70+ specialist designers and engineers between their Melbourne, Sydney and Newcastle studios. For 35 years they have been the leaders in design and innovation, having won 235+ awards for design and engineering excellence, including the Australian Good Design Award of the Year (2022).

D+I is a trusted and proven complete product development partner from concept through to production (ISO 13485:2016 Certified). No project is too big or too small. They can design any product, for any market, for any user. We are thrilled to announce that D+I have joined the fast-growing SSIN Community.

What Does D+I Do?


No single approach can solve every design problem. D+I create agile development teams with diverse skills and specialised knowledge to ensure the best outcome for every project. From initial concept through to overseeing production, and every stage in between, D+I offer a complete product design, engineering and electronics service taking ideas and turning them into commercially successful products.

Industrial Design. Mechanical Engineering. Electronics Design.

Some of the Work D+I Do

AdvanCell – Targeted Alpha Isotope Generator

A world-first alpha isotope generator which addresses the greatest unmet need in targeted alpha therapy: the reliable + scalable supply of isotope.




AdvanCell is an Australian clinical stage radiopharmaceutical company with a platform technology for a revolutionary cancer treatment called Targeted Alpha Therapy. AdvanCell’s Generator is a world-first alpha isotope generator which addresses the greatest unmet need in targeted alpha therapy – the reliable and scalable supply of isotope.

The manufacture of clinical doses of a high-value isotope Alpha 212® (Lead-212) for use in targeted radionuclides therapy is a game-changer for prostate and several other cancer treatments.

InvertiGrow – InvertiCube (Scalable Indoor Vertical Farming Solutions)

InvertiCube Grow Modules: A commercial-scale indoor farming system designed to feed the world.




Global farming outputs need to increase by 70% by 2050 to feed an ever-growing global population. On our increasingly polluted planet, there is growing demand for fresh quality ingredients that are free from herbicides, pesticides and other nasty chemicals that affect human health and damage the environment.

Humanity must design a future where food production methods are sustainable, resource efficient, where nutritious outputs are maximised and end outputs are affordable. Invertigro and D+I have worked to develop the InvertiCube hydroponic and aeroponic grow module system, a commercial-scale indoor farming solution to solve these real-world challenges.

Lavo – Green Hydrogen Energy Storage System




Introducing the next generation of energy storage. The world’s first integrated hybrid hydrogen battery that combines with rooftop solar to deliver sustainable, reliable and renewable power to your home and business. Developed in partnership with UNSW and Design + Industry, LAVO™ is a hydrogen hybrid battery that stores over 40kWh of electricity – enough to power the average Australian home for 2 days.

Integrating with standard rooftop solar, LAVO™ generates green hydrogen for renewable power when you need it. Globally competitive and strikingly styled, contemporary lines of the main system and the iconic hydride vessels place LAVO™ at the leading edge of architectural inspired aesthetics.

Hone Lab Red – On-Farm Grain Analyser

On-farm Grain Analyser: Analyse your wheat, barley and canola for quality parameters.




Real-time decisions to improve yields: The Hone Lab analyser is a powerful field spectrometer for the measurement of grain quality on-farm in real-time. As the Hone platform expands, the companion smartphone app will allow new testing capabilities to be completed (plant tissue, a range of soil nutrients, feed and more) on this versatile handheld instrument. Hone Lab provides the agriculture industry with real-time knowledge of soil health and crop quality, enabling decisions to be made in real time to achieve better yielding crops.

Milieu Climate – Smart Thermostat

Smart Thermostat – Design your environment.




Milieu Climate® allows you to design your environment by controlling the room temperature and monitoring air quality, humidity, pressure, sound, lighting and motion/occupancy. With its built-in sensors and practical portability, you can maximise your comfort and your energy savings all in one step. The Milieu Climate® has been designed to work with most HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems (including gas, electric, and oil) available in Australia.

With a 24VAC system, you can install the Milieu Climate® yourself or use an Adapter Kit if your HVAC system uses proprietary controls. The Milieu Climate® smart thermostat gives you the ability to design your environment, reduce your overall energy consumption and save on bills.

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